RoGes INFOTECH is implementation partner of JDA Software. With its experience employing JDA high-tech products becomes a true possibility in any market.

RoGes INFOTECH helps customers developing solutions and making accessible the contribution of specialized personnel. High technical skills, connected from all over the world, will deliver a solution best suited to the needs of your Company.

Therefore selecting RoGes INFOTECH means enjoy high level consultancy.

RoGes INFOTECH serves small, medium and large enterprises and is therefore able to adopt the most effective solution based on the Company size and needs.

The expertise of RoGes INFOTECH consultants makes it easier to select the best choice when it comes to decide the customization which is best suitable to fulfil specific customer needs. Engage with RoGes INFOTECH in a pre-analysis phase. Through a small though comprehensive dataset you will be able to simulate the solution behaviour and therefore choose the solution which is best for your company..