RoGes INFOTECH boasts high level consulting skills accumulated over many years of experience in implementing successful SCM/SRM solutions based on JDA Software tools such us ESP, SCP, FP, DM, OP, CSM, PS, ABPP, Platform.

SCM - Supply Chain Management

Demand Management
Demand variability analysis, management and planning

Supply Management
Corporate Planning, Master Planning and Factory/Facility Planning considering logical/physical models as well as production and logistic constraints

Allocation Management
Allocation of any available materials and production capacity in the Supply Chain to markets and customers

Inventory Planning
Optimize where/when material should be stored in the Supply Chain to best fulfil overall demand

Order Promising
Provides a AATP/CTP based reliable due date to customer orders considering supply, production and logistics constraints

Distribution Planning
Optimize demand satisfaction by deploying available materials through your delivery network

SRM - Supplier Relationship Management

Part Management and Part Reuse:
Centralization of technical and component purchase info with reduction of used parts, design time and production cost. Management of part preference, supplier availability, HazMat and obsolescence. Workflows for component management like new part introduction.

Sourcing and Procurement:
An incentive for purchases office to increase their performance and optimize the component purchase cost. Using consolidated data coming from different channels/sources supports expenditure/supplier performance analysis.

IT centric consulting services

RoGes INFOTECH supports its customers in the following processes/activities:

  • ¬†hardware sizing
  • data management
  • integration and interfaces
  • data security
  • network sizing