Some successful stories of RoGes INFOTECH , as partner of JDA, in more ten years

Worldwide leader in Sun/Prescription Glasses manufacturing
- Capacity Requirement Planning (CRP) Model
- MPS Global worldwide model including all production and capacity contraints at factory level.

Leading world class tiles manufactuting corporation
- Demand Management: Creating statistical demand plans using a unique 3 level decomposition approach
- Production Plan: Daily level / 1 year horizon

Leading world class Semiconductor Corporation
- Company Wide Demand Managent
- Daily master planning at SKU level
- Weekly coporate planning
- daily order quoting
- FAB loading optimization
- Business group planning
- Quarterly capacity planning

Leading European level Electic/Electonic components/products manufacturer
- Daily master planning
- Group planning
- Facility planning

Leading world class manufacturer of Axels/Transmissions
- Daily mater planning
- Group planning, monthly exercise
- Facility planning

Molla Srl
- Factory planning and daily scheduling
- Online order quotation (POC)

Worldwide leader in Electronics for Defense and Avionics
- Component Management and related Approval workflows
- Product sourcing