About us

RoGes INFOTECH was founded in 2005 by a consolidated experience of its founding members in the field of Supply Chain Management, planning processes , processes management of components with the Supplier Relationship Management. It strengthens its competence working initially with i2 Technologies, as a partner, in implementation cycle of software projects with particular attention to the Italian market.

In 2010, with the acquisition of i2 Technologies by JDA, RoGes INFOTECH becomes italian partner of the world's leading planning systems by ensuring access to the best products in this field.

RoGes INFOTECH boasts several customers in Italy: both major large companies and small/medium size companies.

Competence and professionalism are the characteristics of RoGes INFOTECH that offers its consulting services, on-site or remote, in the various project: phases,  from solution design to the implementation and testing, to the support and following the go-live phase.

JDA products ESP, SCP, FP, DM, OP, CSM, PS, ABPP. Platform are among those where RoGes INFOTECH boasts the best skills accumulated over years of experience with its customers.

RoGes INFOTECH offers consultancy services mainly focused on SCM/SRM, area, integration and data security.